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Create A Winning Product Name In 10 Easy Steps – Part Two

Welcome to part two of how to create a winning product name in 10 easy steps.  Let’s continue with the last five steps you need to know to create a great product name. 6.    Just Say NO to Initials Names that use only letters are about half as memorable as those that use known and […]

Well, color me [insert emotional trigger here]

It’s time to talk about color, or, for our audience across the pond, colour.? Color: the derivation of those primary pigments red, yellow, and blue and made visible due to the light receptors in our ocular apparatus discerning the reflection and refraction of the color spectrum’s various visible wavelengths.? But more simply — color is […]

Web 2.0 is NOT a design aesthetic

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: futureofwebdesign fowd) This is a brilliant slide show of what Web 2.0 is and what Web 2.0 is not. Let’s get it straight, it’s NOT a design aesthetic.

The challange of PSA advertising.

In a world where there is more information available in the Sunday newspaper than the average person living in the middle ages encountered in his entire lifetime, advertising is a tough sell particularly PSA (Public Service Announcement) advertising. We live in an age of instantaneous gratification so when it comes to ads unless they grab […]

Out with cashmere! Cotton tees are this Spring’s new luxury item.

A luxury cotton t-shirt? That’s right; you heard it here first. This Spring, designer John Smedley will release the fruits of a two-year-long effort to create the perfect tee. Only the longest fibers of cotton are used to make the thread for these shirts, making an unusually smooth weave, and linked knit stitches replace the […]

Green Yahoo!- review + more!

I’ve been using Google for such a long time now, much to my surprise when I decided to us Yahoo! this morning, I found a whole new content page. This blog entry is actually not addressing Yahoo’s content offering / redesign (new to me anyway) rather one specific offering in particular. Yahoo! has developed and […]

Stefan Sagmeister on happieness

I really enjoyed this video of a Stefan Sagmeister talk at the 2004 TED conference. Not surprisingly, one of Sagmeister’s source of happiness comes from design, therefore his talk walks us through his experiences of happiness and bliss through design. As Sagmeister says, he looks at design and determines the difference between experiencing happiness and […]