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do I smell french fries?

There was a time when veggie oil cars were nothing more than an occasional unexplained passing french fry aroma to those outside the underground—the die hard wrenchers who converted old diesel cars and trucks to run on vegetable oil. It was their dirty (or clean) little secret. Restaurant owners were glad to get rid of […]

more greener wheels

At jungle[8] we keep track of all things green, and we try to look beyond the “greenwashing” tendencies of corporate America to try and spot the technical innovations that are practical and make a real difference. That being said, it’s important to note that any vehicle running on anything other than sunlight, pedal-power, or wind, […]

2009 a Big Year For Eco-Cars

Many of us currently own cars considered economical back in the days of 2-dollar-a-gallon gas, that are now certified gas guzzlers. In order to avoid bankruptcy, the urge to rid oneself of the burden is tremendous. Filling its place with a leased Toyota Prius, or Honda Civic Hybrid is highly tempting. Please minimize your mileage […]