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Design can Change – Sustainable Design

Creatives from Vancouver based design firm smashLAB, recently launched an amazing site called Design Can Change. The site is a non-commercial effort with the desire to bring together businesses and designers to contribute to becoming more eco-conscious. According to the site, the intent of Design Can Change is to: Bring together the design community to […]

Coal: the re-coal or the anti-coalition?

To reduce the dependence of energy and meet climate objectives, innovative and alternative energies seem to be the key. As new energies are profiling on agendas as the solution for a catastrophic environmental future, coal in spite of a flock of admirers, remains on the bench of the culprit waiting for absolution! Abused during the […]

green is beautiful

Once again (and surely not the last) Northern California has been inspired by Oregon innovated in eco-consciousness. Even if the subject -greening- has not been exhausted and tend to be unfortunately rebarbative to the ear of the consumer, Portland has decided to be green therefore beautiful from head to toe. Usually we utilize the environment […]