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Polyethylene, the “white” pollution.

January the 22nd Whole Foods innovated (?) by launching their crusade against plastic bags. No more plastic bags for its privileged customers, it’s time to adapt to save the planet! In order to raise awareness, everybody will participate in their eco-friendly effort to eliminate plastic bags and develop the recycling industry. New phenomenon? To the […]

Greening, the policy of the ostrich?

To the light of a survey realized by BBMG in association with Global Strategy & Bagatto that clearly states that consumers prefer to buy from companies that reflect their values, we feel the optimism of the rising new market. As our attention is driven by such positive behavior (socially responsible, environmentally-friendly…), by the favorable and […]

Green Glossary

Here is a great glossary of green terms found on the Green Daily site. The glossary is a great resource because not only are the terms collected, defined in one page, sources and links are included. Here are a couple of sample terms: Carbon Footprint The total amount of CO2 released over the life cycle […]

Printing Green – Resources & Tips

I thought I’d share with you all some of the research and info in regards to printing green. We’ve done a tremendous amount of research as a firm in order to educate our clients and make the best suggestions based on their needs and the best environmental choice. In a recent issue of Dynamic Graphics, […]