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when going green loses to saving green

There’s no I in team unless that team happens to fail.? Then it’s all Is. Not sure if you’ve heard, but, well — we’ve got quite the tumult crashing through our economy at the moment.? It’s already ravaged Lehman Brothers, Bank of America has purchased Merrill Lynch, and AIG has been bailed out by (whom […]

PickupPal, to go your way…

In the “global eco-friendly transportation revolution…”, PickupPal is the newest version of carpooling, servicing a driver and a passenger or -what will create competition with already established carriers- a driver and a package. Emphasizing on a more human environment, the service gives access to the choice of who will be your traveling companion, the where-abouts, […]

Green Living: The Holiday Edition

Lainie, while on a jungle safari, received a guide for greening her holiday season. Here are some selected tips to stay green, and keep the earth only mildly warm, this winter season: 1. Lights: Go LED crazy, or if you want go the extra mile, buy compact fluorescent light bulbs (CPLs) which are also made […]