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someone else’s story

Sometimes, what you think you are writing for yourself, your own book of recollections for further reflection, ends up being someone else’s story. We are a series of interwoven stories, each facetted in such a way that our look into the world will always remain singularly and uniquely our own. We seem to spend so […]

when going green loses to saving green

There’s no I in team unless that team happens to fail.? Then it’s all Is. Not sure if you’ve heard, but, well — we’ve got quite the tumult crashing through our economy at the moment.? It’s already ravaged Lehman Brothers, Bank of America has purchased Merrill Lynch, and AIG has been bailed out by (whom […]

2009 a Big Year For Eco-Cars

Many of us currently own cars considered economical back in the days of 2-dollar-a-gallon gas, that are now certified gas guzzlers. In order to avoid bankruptcy, the urge to rid oneself of the burden is tremendous. Filling its place with a leased Toyota Prius, or Honda Civic Hybrid is highly tempting. Please minimize your mileage […]

what goes around comes back around…

As a result of its expansionist economical policy or a consequence of its tools of production, China based its economy and competitiveness upon a cheap human capital and a production without value-added. With a yuan below the dollar and the euro originally, China increased its shares at the exportation, making its economy the first worldwide. […]

Can Obama Make America “Cool” Again?

It has become a widely accepted reality that American presidents are reelected for no other reason than positive performance of the American economy. You needn’t look further than the last 32 years to see pocketbook voting is the most constant factor in deciding an election or reelection. At the end of Jimmy Carter’s reign, stagflation […]