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Objectifying Global Warming for Fashion. Good for the cause?

I don’t think so. From a creative aspect, the new Diesel campaign entitled “Global Warming Ready” has created some heat spanning the fashion, advertising and activist worlds, and not all in sync. The campaign consists of a series of newspaper, magazine and billboard advertisements showing models posing in Diesel clothing in a world affected by […]

water, water nothing but water…

Danced and sung by Gene Kelly, venerated by countries with a minimal hydrometry, covering 70% of the surface of the earth, water as the symbol of fertility, life is welcomed and praised everywhere but in …Venice. What comes to mind when we see present time pictures of Venice is who could have guessed that the […]

science to the help of mother Nature

With the upcoming threat of global warming scientists are seriously considering intervening on mother Nature to change the course of events. Their main concern resides in the continuous increase of the temperature. Within a period of 100 years, the fahrenheit degrees will be multiplied by 11. It seems that to radical changes have to be […]

climatic disasters

With America on the red alert (or should I say green?) for ways to increase energy efficiency and lower carbon footprints, let’s take a moment to sit back and remember from whence we’ve come. It was only recently that the good ol’ land of the free finally jumped on the global bandwagon to take climate […]

green death

If you want your eco-friendliness to continue into the afterlife, don’t be duped into buying one of these so-called “environmentally sympathetic” coffins. Yes, making coffins out of 60% recycled paper is a nice gesture, but the other 40% is just wood, albeit “sustainable.” Aren’t most coffins made of “wood from sustainable forests” anyway? The only […]

carbon bigfoot-print

A jungle[8] employee recently took inventory of his annual co2 output, or carbon footprint from 5 different web “carbon calculator” services. Here are his scores from each: carbonfootprint.com 22.54 tons/year nature.org 37 tons/year climatecrisis.net 14.6 tons/year carboncounter.org 14.66? tons/year zerofootprint.net 28.5 tons/year What does this mean? It means, among other things, this particular person is […]

Unlikely Heroes in Uncertain Times

If you’re of the pessimistic (or realistic) variety you probably can’t stop dwelling on 2 of America’s greatest problems: the credit crunch and global warming. Besides war, these are the hot-button issues on everyone’s mind as the election approaches. Many Americans want a sound approach to economics and the environment in the oval office in […]