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What’s The Big Deal With Social Media Anyway?

How many times have you heard the phrase “social media” over the past few years? Without a doubt everyone has heard about social media but few can probably define it accurately. A good definition of social media would be internet technology that allows the sharing of opinions, perspectives and insights between people from all around […]

project 10 to the 100th

Google, the billion dollar corporation whose many hands are steeped in everything the far-reaching tubes of the internet have to offer, has something new for all of us.? And by all of us, I mean the entirety of the world. Google has, since its conception by co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, positioned itself as […]

All Marketers are Liars…

… that’s why I believe almost everything Seth Godin, the demi-god of the marketing world says in this 45 minute video presentation to an audience of Google employees. Godin talks about what Google did right, why it’s an ultra-successful brand and the strategies that got it there from a marketing perspective. Anyone interested in building […]

8 Sure Fire Ways to Drive a Graphic Designer Mad!

My morning ritual includes the double cappuccino with almond milk, reading the daily brand, ad and design news across the net and answering emails that seem to have accumulated in my inbox through out the night and checking the random links send to me, compliments of google alerts. This blog entry is a result of […]

Green Yahoo!- review + more!

I’ve been using Google for such a long time now, much to my surprise when I decided to us Yahoo! this morning, I found a whole new content page. This blog entry is actually not addressing Yahoo’s content offering / redesign (new to me anyway) rather one specific offering in particular. Yahoo! has developed and […]