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Video Game Pollution

Greenpeace on Video Games? PS3’s, Microsoft X-Box 360’s, and Nintendo Wii’s , although abused by some, are the source of harmless entertainment for millions of people worldwide. Greenpeace, however, argues otherwise. On their website, Greenpeace posted and article that exposes Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for using harmful substances in the production of their popular game […]

Believe in reincarnation!

Believe in reincarnation. Recycle. From Saatchi & Saatchi Poland, Warsaw. Greenpeace’s new campaign Believe in reincarnation. Greenpeace is an elegant execution of what’s perceived to be trash materials, collaged together to create two exquisite posters reminiscent of religious effigies. This campaign obviously targets the younger generation that recognizes the iconography as a part of their […]