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How To Create A Logo That Defines Your Brand???

Strengthen the Image of the Brand A logo is basically represents what the company or the business stands for. Logo gives the first impression on the customers of the business. It gives an identity to the brand. A logo can express many attitudes graphically. A logo should be effective. Some steps should be followed while […]

How clever is too clever? Logo communication can say everything…

…or nothing When it comes time to move your business forward and give it that ultimate identity, a logo is a terrific way to give your potential clients a recognizable feature to associate to you. Sifting through the many ideas presented to you while making that decision, you must ask yourself: “Does my logo communicate […]

6 Factors to Measure a Successful Logo Design

Your Logo- Does it Really Work? Every organization, every message requires a logo design. When it’s successful, a good logo effectively conveys your brand in a single glance. But how do you make sure that this happens? Here are 6 questions you can ask yourself: 1) Is it memorable? Since logos are used to identify […]

Top 5 Steps to Define Your Brand’s Message

Defining Your Brand- What’s More Important? Although there are numerous steps a business can take to define their brand’s message, taking these 5 steps to define your brand’s message will make the process efficient and effective. Many businesses neglect clearly defining the message they wish their brand to convey. This is a vital aspect of […]

Phallic Logos or “Are you just happy to see me?”

You would think designers would see this before they delivered a final design to their client. Apparently not. There is even a web site dedicated to this shameful mistake, called Phallic logo awards. We’ve posted a few of their most exciting contenders below. For more, visit the site and see for yourself. look closely at […]

Yuck…Duck Plums?

As I routinely reached for the label on my plum, I was taken aback. “Disney Gardens?!? eeeeeeww,” I thought. I had to investigate this further. It seems that Disney has begun the branding and marketing process for its new line of produce. Products already available from the Disney Gardens line of produce are Apples, Watermelon, […]


Apples iBrands rock, so what happened to “MobileMe” from the brand name to the logo? Just read a great commentary, comparing Apple’s new branded service with the Microsoft product Windows Me (Millenium Edition) on the blog Wisdump. From their post, simple observation, but worth noting: Here’s something more disturbing. Why does the MobileMe logo look […]

super-dooper redesign?

In the case of Super 8 Motel chain, that is… I’m not getting it. It’s not that I’m partial to the old design, there is a dated quality to it for sure. Old: But when it comes to the new design, I don’t think it hits the mark. I think recognition is important and the […]

Peace Turns Silver

This internationally recognized symbol for peace was designed by Gerald Holtom, and completed February 21, 1958, making it an even 50 years old today. The symbol is a combination of the semaphoric signals for the letters “N” and “D,” standing for Nuclear Disarmament. In semaphore the letter “N” is formed by a person holding two […]

New brand’s 15 minutes = 400,000 pounds?!

Why is the release of the new Olympic Logo is causing such a fuss?! (really wishing I had an interrobang (?!) on my keyboard now) Algebra it is not. Reality it is. Public criticism from the left right and center all seem to agree, the new London Olympic Logo design is a complete failure, but […]