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10 Logo Styles Trending Right Now

While some of the most recognizable companies in the world have been using famous logos for years, newer companies and those that are re-branding have to find ways for their logos to emerge from the crowd. Modern logos need to be new and unique while trying to ensure they work in the practical world. Because […]

5 Questions Your Logo Designer Should Have Asked You

When you first try to work with a logo designer, they need to evaluate your needs. They do this by interviewing you or asking you to fill up a questionnaire. But how can you tell if your logo designer has been thorough? They need to ask these 5 crucial questions: 1) What does the logo […]

eat or tattoo your logo?

We’re all used to peeling the stickers off our bananas and apples. The blue Chiquita logo is as much a recognizable part of my childhood as the banana itself. I wasn’t a huge fan of the fruit, but I sure did like the free stickers. Stickers are fun, but what if the logo couldn’t be […]

brands “2.0”!

This clip is fabulous. Asks the question, If all brands were Web 2.0-ized, how would they look? See if you can pick out the key identifying aspects that make up the web 2.0 logos: I can count about 6….

Logos happen

As we all have our daily favorite spots on the web to get news and information. So you can imagine my excitement when landing on the lead story on TechCrunch in which some of our favorite brand logos are highlighted along with the visual history of their brand mark. For the life of me, I […]

Logos that last

How many of the following names instantly conjure up an image in your mind? McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Lacoste, Chanel. As you probably know, all of these are corporations that create exceptionally popular products for today’s market. What’s really special about the aforementioned corporations is that they are part of a unique group of companies that […]

adobe jumps on the speech bubble bandwagon

And another speech bubble logo to add to the hall of fame, web 2.0 speech bubble logo collection: Comparing the old logo with the new identity….This one is actually quite disappointing. In case you forgot, here’s a quick reference to review the earlier speech bubble logo craze blog entries: more web 2.0 logos – speech […]

8 Sure Fire Ways to Drive a Graphic Designer Mad!

My morning ritual includes the double cappuccino with almond milk, reading the daily brand, ad and design news across the net and answering emails that seem to have accumulated in my inbox through out the night and checking the random links send to me, compliments of google alerts. This blog entry is a result of […]