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Answer Ten Questions And Create a Great Marketing Plan – Part One

A well constructed marketing plan will provide benefits to any small business enterprise. Unfortunately many don’t have the resources, knowledge or experience to put one together on their own.  It’s really not too difficult with a good road map.  If you can answer ten questions about your business you can easily create a powerful marketing […]

chocolate blessing…

Chocolate lovers will rejoice in the news that Hershey, the infamous sweet branded chocolate launches a new strategy to promote its new Bliss chocolate line. The vast operation, 10,200 “House of bliss” spread nationwide hosted 129,000 curious palates that had the misfortune to sample its Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Meltaway… Selected impartially, […]

Would you like a side of fries with your gaming experience?

McDonald’s, the leader of dollar menus and drive-thru’s, recently went down a surprising, divergent new path in the jungle of marketing strategy, considerably inconsistent with their traditional brand positioning. The move seems like an overt effort to reach the last family member they haven’t targeted (they got mom with their healthy-option salads, and dad with […]

Web strategy away!

Jeremiah Owyang, a web strategist based in the Bay Area, has compiled a comprehensive checklist of online marketing strategies on his blog. For any company looking to develop an online marketing strategy, his post can prove to be an indispensable resource. He not only lists and describes many different marketing strategies, but he also divides […]