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5 Inspirational Ways to Use Promotional Products [INFO GRAPHIC]

Interesting info graphic, featuring top tips about how to get a brand noticed, as well as compelling figures to prove the effectiveness of using promotional merchandise as part of marketing campaigns, the infographic is designed to inspire creative thought around marketing and branding activities. Take from it what you will. 5 Inspirational Ways to Use Promotional […]

Top Marketing Secrets of Hotels & Casinos

The Top Marketing Secrets Hotels & Casinos Use to Increase Business Due to the changing and competitive world all sectors are working tirelessly to find ways of sustaining their businesses. Hospitality industries are also striving hard to maintain, acquire and increase their business. Losing only one customer can be disappointment or a blow to hospitality […]

5 Out Of The Box Marketing Tips For The Small Business Owner

1. Don’t Advertise Big Time – Advertising is actually usually done by big businesses because it helps their business to get known and to have higher opportunities of getting customers. However, advertising is not that good for small businesses because it might drain more money from the company and it is risky because the money […]

How to Successfully Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience is by far the most effective way of communicating and enlightening your audience on the intended message. Here are some tips that I know work miracles in engaging the audience: Use demonstrations. The audience would love to see part of or all of them getting directly involved with your demonstrations. Ask for […]

Marketing Through Online Networking – Made Easy

Brand Marketing If you were to trace the history of the online brand marketing, you will find that the recent day phenomenon has undergone through numerous advancement over the years. Following the various developments in the internet marketing techniques, it is right also to say that marketing through online networking has been made easy. Today, […]

How ‘Crowd Sourcing’ has changed the industry of marketing

Times Are-A-Changing ‘Crowd sourcing’ seems to be the new buzz word in the marketing and advertising industry. New ideas and creative tools are slowly making their way into business circles. Trends definitely point out clearly that crowd sourcing is here to stay and has slowly but surely, changed the industry of marketing. ‘Crowd Sourcing’, the […]

How Traditional PR Is Amplified in a PR 2.0 World

Traditional PR has been turned on its head! Press releases are a dying breed with the advent of the Internet. Newspapers and traditional media sources are going under or struggling to survive with skeleton staffs. Television news has been replaced with infotainment “news.” Social media has taken over marketing budgets and become minimized as an […]

5 Ways To Tell That You Need An Accountant

When you first launched your small business, you likely did everything you could to minimize costs, including the expense involved in hiring an accountant. However, small businesses, when well run, can grow rapidly. Increases in profits, changes in investments and expenses and adjustments in business types can result in significant changes to the company’s financial […]

Five Steps to Getting a Small Business Out of Obscurity

Break Out of Obscurity With so many businesses coming and going, each clamoring for attention, consumers have a tendency to be turned off by new companies. Getting customers to invest their interest or energy in a product or service will always be an uphill battle. The battle for customer interest doesn’t have to be a […]

What are the 4 Ways to Initiate A WOM Campaign?

Are you planning to initiate a word of mouth campaign? Well, there are 4 ways to initiate a WOM campaign. In order to achieve positive results in this undertaking, you ensure that you conduct a thorough fact-finding mission which will equip you with sufficient knowledge and information on the several approaches one can use to […]