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Video Game Pollution

Greenpeace on Video Games? PS3’s, Microsoft X-Box 360’s, and Nintendo Wii’s , although abused by some, are the source of harmless entertainment for millions of people worldwide. Greenpeace, however, argues otherwise. On their website, Greenpeace posted and article that exposes Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for using harmful substances in the production of their popular game […]

Microsoft’s Future to be Delicious, “Moist and Chewy, Like Cake”

Perhaps we’ll all be wearing dunce caps when a year from now Microsoft releases the first edible computer, moist and chewy like cake.? But, all in all, Microsoft’s latest ad campaign is a misfire. And it’s because Bill Gates doesn’t get it.? He never really has.? Sure, he’s the third richest man in the world.? […]

8 Sure Fire Ways to Drive a Graphic Designer Mad!

My morning ritual includes the double cappuccino with almond milk, reading the daily brand, ad and design news across the net and answering emails that seem to have accumulated in my inbox through out the night and checking the random links send to me, compliments of google alerts. This blog entry is a result of […]

Windows 98, Fatal Crash & the skin

Tattoos against the norm, or Bill Gates personally? Stumbled upon this amazing Window 98 inspired tattoo (or is that uninspired?) on this site. The tattoo is the text from the crash screen: “A fatal exception OE has occurred at 8137:BFFA21…..” Yikes! I think I need to get that mac spinning wheel tattooed somewhere now. 🙂 […]