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David against Goliath or Levine vs. Wyeth

Beware pharmaceutical companies on your labeling! This warning could be taken as a wise advice to reflect upon since a Vermont Court ruled in favor of Ms Levine, an innocent victim that physically paid the damaging consequences of a medical disaster. Levine suffering from a migraine rushes to a clinic to be given her appropriate […]

Education or Marketing?

Can you tell the difference? That’s the Shakespearian question in the new playwright staging Gardasil and Cervarix, the main protagonists in the Agora opposing people, lobbies and government. In the center of the intrigue unaware of the external dissensions and tribulations lays cervical cancer contemplative, impotent. Somewhere in opposite continents, Far West and Europa, two […]

what’s up doc?

As Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko” decorticates impartially the U.S. general health state, the? diagnosis as the head of the health department checks its pulse, is alarming. The USA suffers from an internal hemorrhage. As pharmaceutical companies monopolize the drug market (with the most diversified scope of molecules) by imposing ludicrous prices, as insurance companies apply […]