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Why does fat taste so good?

… and other musings on life. There just seems to be something about the aroma of food that jumpstarts the deep philosophizing for us at jungle[8]. Today’s late lunch (3:30pm!) was Asian fusion: salad, potstickers (both panfried and boiled), white rice, as well as the last of the steroid-injected potatoes (not pictured here because they […]

2009 a Big Year For Eco-Cars

Many of us currently own cars considered economical back in the days of 2-dollar-a-gallon gas, that are now certified gas guzzlers. In order to avoid bankruptcy, the urge to rid oneself of the burden is tremendous. Filling its place with a leased Toyota Prius, or Honda Civic Hybrid is highly tempting. Please minimize your mileage […]

Prius Drivers are a very “special breed” – commentary or tirade- your pick.

Owning a Prius is not a political statement, and Prius owners, your feces still stinks. You’ve simply lowered you “carbon footprint” a little bit. As a matter of fact, you really haven’t done much. You want to make a statement, TRY RIDING A BIKE Bicycles put out zero pollutants. If you rode one to work, […]

Hummer versus Prius : the knock-out.

Hummer versus Prius : the knock-out! In the game Hummer versus Prius, Toyota Prius was declared unanimously victorious (until at least Hummer proven innocent) by referee Dr Peter H. Gleick. A month ago, Dr Gleick from the Pacific Institute, in his correction of the CNW Marketing report “Dust to Dust” denounced and castigated the authors […]