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poor chisels for carving out peace

It’s that day of the year again. A day we couldn’t forget if we wanted to; the memories are unpleasant and trigger within every American a vague feeling most of us are very unfamiliar with: vulnerability. Usually the feeling of vulnerability is followed by the desire to lash out, to strike blindly, act rashly, especially […]

Pay 100 million for the Love of God?

Someone did. ‘For the Love of God’, is an 18th century skull that has been cast in platinum and encrusted with 8,601 diamonds by British Artist Damien Hirst. According to Austrailia’s ABC news: “The diamond-encrusted skull was sold to an group of anonymous investors, a spokeswoman for the White Cube gallery in London, where it […]

The Shock Doctrine

THE SHOCK DOCTRINE – The Rise of Disaster Capitalism “At the most chaotic juncture in Iraq’s civil war, a new law is unveiled that would allow Shell and BP to claim the country’s vast oil reserves. Immediately following September 11, the Bush Administration quietly out-sources the running of the “War on Terror” to Halliburton and […]