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Share the cause @ Causecast.org

You’ve got these ideals in mind. The bottom line is you want to help. You would think that having decided to volunteer your time, energy, and devotion would have been the hardest part. Harder still, is where to begin. Helping the world is not a one-person job. How about a whole global community on your […]

a mall as a roof

It could have been a Hollywood remake of 2000’s “Where the Heart Is” but Destiny chose a different fate for Michael Townsend and Adriana Yoto’s. Ahhh … the irresistable lure of the media spotlight. As leading roles in this unusual social tale, this couple reached fame when local media discovered that our unwilling (?) revolutionists […]

get conscious or get left behind

As society becomes more socially conscious, we’ve been using our power as consumers to demand businesses get involved too. Businesses are responding to the current generation’s preparedness to either reward or punish companies based on their socially-conscious positions, and it shows. Businesses were spending over $100 million on cause marketing in 1990, and this year […]

Web 2.0 – A Social Phenomenon

To many, the phenomenon known as Web 2.0 is as abstract as a Miro painting. His paintings make perfect sense if you understand each of the elements, language, social implications and context. Surprisingly those exact elements identify the key to understanding how Web 2.0 and the nature of social causes have grown in unison. The […]