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How Traditional PR Is Amplified in a PR 2.0 World

Traditional PR has been turned on its head! Press releases are a dying breed with the advent of the Internet. Newspapers and traditional media sources are going under or struggling to survive with skeleton staffs. Television news has been replaced with infotainment “news.” Social media has taken over marketing budgets and become minimized as an […]

6 Steps to Improve you Business & Monitor Your Online Brand

Learn More About How to Improve Your Business Online The internet has turned into the biggest market on earth. If you want to reach out to customer from all over the world you can easily do it via the internet. You can also group the products into various categories so that the needy customers can […]

What are the 4 Ways to Initiate A WOM Campaign?

Are you planning to initiate a word of mouth campaign? Well, there are 4 ways to initiate a WOM campaign. In order to achieve positive results in this undertaking, you ensure that you conduct a thorough fact-finding mission which will equip you with sufficient knowledge and information on the several approaches one can use to […]

3 Successful Social Media Campaigns Examined

3 Must Read Case Studies Companies are using social media campaigns to revive brands, increase their visibility and move sales. Various brands have resolved to use media like Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to create interactive and innovative campaigns. These corporations have diverse objectives when it comes to launching social media campaigns. These may include increasing brand […]

4 Ideas for Adapting Social Media into Your Overall Strategy

A Guest Post Connecting Online as a Strategy Social networking has become common and it has developed sites such as facebook, twitter, yahoo messenger, livemocha, hi5 and tagged. When connecting with friends and family members it is most suitable to use this site and like for facebook it can help in finding long time friends. […]

Top 3 Tips on How to Use WOM Marketing for my Personal Brand

What is common to Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Martin Sorrell and Jack Sorrell apart from their exceptional entrepreneurial capabilities? They all had an excellent Word-of-mouth (WOM) personal branding mechanism in place. Here are top three tips on how to use WOM Marketing for my personal brand. Involve Your Customers Social media is the best way […]

Social Media and my Personal Brand

Brand Me Personal Social media has become a main platform in branding, sales and marketing of personal brands. Potential customers have been successful in their businesses when they can easily access information about goods and services over the internet. By using social media, a client’s personal brand awareness is made known while improving customer service. […]

Great Info Graphic: 10 tips for responding to social media comments

The response matters as much as the message Ever wonderful the best way to manage comments made in the social media sphere about your brand? It’s an important aspect to Word of Mouth marketing.  Check out this great info graphic sponsored by Dell:

The Community of Your Brand…

Community is the most important leveraging point for any brand.? Having a loyal, evangelical, earnest group following one’s brand provides a far-reaching, surrogate sales force working on behalf of the brand – yet as a member of the community.? But to garner such a following, first the brand itself must become an active contributor to […]

will tweet for treats

Just like high-school-age adolescents, businesses crave being the center of everyone’s conversation, especially within online communities. Advertising is basically a way to make more people think and talk about you in a positive way, more of the time. So the steady influx of business and corporate presences into social media networks is no surprise. They’re […]