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Five Critical Steps to Building Effective Social Media Profiles

Using social media to brand your business can be very effective if you know what you’re doing.  Before you jump into social media it is important to understand how it fits into your overall marketing plan.  The crucial first step to social media branding success is setting up and managing your social profiles. Here are […]

Don’t Let the Wrong Social Network Kill Your Brand

The good old days of finding new customers by throwing up a nice website are long gone. To successfully build an effective brand all businesses must utilize the social media networks intelligently.  Top brand companies have already made the shift from a static approach to one of interacting and engaging with their customers.  If your […]

10 Twitter Strategies For The Small Business

10 twitter strategies for the small business person that really wants to succeed using social media 1. Twitter profiles are extremely important. On Twitter as in the real world first impressions are critical. Most people decide in seconds whether they will follow you back or not. Make sure your profile is appropriate for your business. […]

8 Top Brands Who Utilize Successful Social Media Strategies

Social Media Social Media has always been attractive for top brands. Many marketing campaigns use them to make known their brands all over the world to get standard their destination and high profit. Here are some of the most popular social media strategies: social media campaigns, loyalty campaigns, social games, blog, advocacy program, social apps […]

will tweet for treats

Just like high-school-age adolescents, businesses crave being the center of everyone’s conversation, especially within online communities. Advertising is basically a way to make more people think and talk about you in a positive way, more of the time. So the steady influx of business and corporate presences into social media networks is no surprise. They’re […]

i feel…observed

Ever wondered if everyone feels sadder on rainy days, or if everyone actually feels more annoyed on Valentine’s than in love? If women feel fatter than men, or if people in North Dakota feel lonelier than New Yorkers? Apparently computer science innovators Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar were wondering the same thing, and the answer […]