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whole foods, the battle for supremacy!

In the natural foods industry, the merger of two giants Whole Foods and Wild Oats was announced October 2007. A juicy deal of $565 million was sealed. February 2009 the case will be on trial since a third party, the Federal Trade Commission stepped in the conglomeration to invalidate the illegitimate union. The plaintiff in […]

will tweet for treats

Just like high-school-age adolescents, businesses crave being the center of everyone’s conversation, especially within online communities. Advertising is basically a way to make more people think and talk about you in a positive way, more of the time. So the steady influx of business and corporate presences into social media networks is no surprise. They’re […]

Polyethylene, the “white” pollution.

January the 22nd Whole Foods innovated (?) by launching their crusade against plastic bags. No more plastic bags for its privileged customers, it’s time to adapt to save the planet! In order to raise awareness, everybody will participate in their eco-friendly effort to eliminate plastic bags and develop the recycling industry. New phenomenon? To the […]

A whole new world of food shopping

On this writer’s way to work on Thursday mornings, I have the pleasure of passing by Pasadena’s new Whole Foods Market. Along Arroyo Parkway, the Whole Foods Market in Pasadena is a glorious two-story supermarket, complete with it’s own underground parking. There are very few supermarkets that can make you feel good about food shopping, […]