Branding Value Now Marketing Target the tech crowd with the right promotional products

Target the tech crowd with the right promotional products

One of the most important things to consider when choosing promotional products is who your market is. What products are they likely to use over and over again, as well as retain for as long as possible? For those looking to target the tech crowd, there is a whole range of IT-related products you could give away for free to drum up interest. Here are just a few…

USB flash drives

Okay, so perhaps this is the most obvious technological accessory to think about when choosing a freebie to give away to existing or potential customers. But they shouldn’t be dismissed because of this – in fact, as promotional memory sticks are among the most popular form of promotional merchandise, you can be confident recipients will definitely use them and do so regularly.
Research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association indicates that 45 per cent of people surveyed said they’d like to receive a USB stick most out of any other promotional product, with 21 per cent of the people surveyed saying this has been the most useful promotional gift they have ever been given!
As USB sticks are both popular and useful to recipients, your brand, logo or marketing message should get repeated exposure. What’s more, because USBs are portable, they often get passed from person to person – which generates further exposure at no extra cost!

Computer accessories

You don’t necessarily have to tap into the technological market by giving your customers handy computer devices. In fact, by handing out any form of IT-related accessory, you’re sure to win their hearts over – or at least get their attention.
Most people love gadgets – especially free ones – so capitalise on this and hand out mousemats, USB hubs, keyboard cleaners or USB flexi-lights. This will help them keep their workstation tidy, help them save time and give them a new toy to play with!
The way it benefits you, of course, is that every time they reach out for their pocket mouse, charge their phone on the smartphone dock or switch on their USB fan, they will see your brand name, logo and contact details staring back at them. They won’t help but remember who and what you are – particularly if you’re responsible for keeping them cool on a long, hot summer’s day in a stuffy office!

Digital photo frames

You don’t have to have a high-spec PC or the latest gizmos to know a thing or two about technology, and office workers are some of the best people to hand out digital gadgets to – especially those that will sit neatly on their desk.
Try giving away small digital photo frames, as these will allow them to see pictures of their loved ones while hard at work. Ones with digital calendar functions are also particularly useful, as employees can keep track of their busy schedules at the touch of a button.
While these technological gadgets might require a slightly larger investment than more disposable items, such as pens, they will be worth a lot more to recipients and, as a result of this, will be retained for a long time – so, your brand will be seen by the user every day for months, perhaps years, on end.

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