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Using Technology to Push Your Product

This day and age, technology keeps growing and expanding. That IPhone you have in your hands will have a new and more awesome update next week—technology is advancing faster than the general population can keep up! But that doesn’t mean you should hide away from it, and wait for it to go away, because it most definitely won’t. You want your business and your product to branch out, don’t you? By using all what technology has to offer you, you’ll be able to have a fully operating business by no time.
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Social Media
This is an obvious first answer to cultivating your business; however, most people overlook this step. They consider social media as a place to just “waste time”.  This cannot be farther from the truth. Social media is the exact place where you want your logo and your product showing. This is where your audience is; this is where they talk about your product, what they like, what they dislike—this is where your eyes and ears need to be. So push your product, your business out there with these networks:
•       Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest
•       Google+
•       Gravatar
These are only a handful of some of the social media websites you can use to launch of your product, but they are a great start.

Blogs are the new hip thing in the business world. Wide varieties of people are on the internet, and are looking for people’s advice, inspiration, and reviews. If you can send out product samples to bloggers that have a wide audience, then you got yourself a good start. They can talk about your product in a way that you can’t—personally. This will help bridge the gap even closer when trying to sell your product.

Now, this could be considered a social media site, which technically, you’re right. However, LinkedIn is set at a higher standard. In this site, you can upload your profile, your business, and connect with other businesses. By connecting with other people within the same field as you, you are stepping further out in the global box for your company and your ideas. Connecting and growing a network is all about further developing your ideas; and the more people you know, the more this will help you. LinkedIn is a very important tool for your company, and unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is strictly for a professional world.

These were only a few ideas and jump starters for you and your company to try out. By reaching out on all aspects of the internet and technology, your brand and your idea will see more people, and will reach its full potential. Happy networking and best of luck!

Bio: Julie Hartwell is a freelance writer who loves anything to do with the arts, design, and effective business marketing. When she’s not embarking on her own creative adventures, she writes about custom t-shirt printing for BlueCotton

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