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Technology & Social Media Made Advertising & Marketing a Walk in the Park

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Why are people so eager to buy android phones or smart phones or tablets that allow them to access their Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare accounts anywhere and anytime? Why are they so willing to spend for these devices only so they can tell the world what they think, what they feel, where they are and who they are with?

David Wertheimer of Fox Broadcasting Company said in an interview with Adweek, “People have been telling each other stories for as long as they’ve had a shared language. Television is just an extension of that impulse. But something fundamentally human has been lost, and that’s the social experience. There is an innately human desire to connect with one another.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note II advertisement showed a guy with only a few people greeting him on his birthday until a colleague begged him to pose for a picture. The picture was then uploaded, shared and re-shared in social media sites with some creative touches. Then the birthday guy suddenly became famous rubbing shoulders with celebrities.

In a way, that explains it—interaction and connection are the keys. And what does David Wertheimer have to say about advertisers trying to harness the power of social media? He said, “We have this platform that continues to allow advertisers to reach massive amounts of consumers, but now people are interacting with our content in real time. And that mix of reach and engagement offers tremendous value to the advertising community.”

I think social media has defined the smart phone, then the android phone and the tablet. It has required these devices to be capable of connecting people not only through SMS and voice calls but also through the Internet. Social media has driven companies like Google to come up with applications that is custom fit to mobile devices. Social media has given value to the camera within all phones that it is unthinkable for a phone not to have a camera.

For businesses, it has made advertising and marketing like a walk in the park because now more than ever, they could be so close and personal with their current or potential clients almost cost-free. Sometimes, pleased clients become good advertisers. There is now the ‘word-of-social-media-advertising’ as parallel to ‘word-of-mouth-advertising. It has leveled the playing ground between small and big companies in terms of advertising. What’s sweeter is that advertisers can now also read their clients or customers minds.

However, the interaction part should not be forgotten. Once online presence through social media has been established, businesses must prepare for more personal interaction with clients driven by social media. A business should be ready to accept and entertain private messages and calls that leave no burden to the client. The client’s communication needs for his or her transaction with a business should be as easy and free as it is with social media. For example, if a person can access Twitter using his or her Samsung Galaxy SIII because of Google’s Android installed on his or her phone, his or her interaction with your business should be the same. These days, there exists a number of business communication service providers like RingCentral to help businesses be as accessible as a social media site. What’s good about that is while these services are catering to the client, it is also catering to the communication needs of colleagues or partners.

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