With the development of the Internet, the percentage of the global population dealing with the virtual world grows. Whatever task to achieve: work, entertain, shop, we are trapped in the Web!

In accordance with ” l’air du temps” (present time trend), marketers explore audaciously what will be the tendency for the future. As unrealistic, as inadequate as new retail technologies may be, they definitely will frame customers and challenge consequently people’s perceptions.

The supremacy of the Internet is such that social networking shopping Web sites will catch the attention of 79 % of potential shoppers worldwide by 2015; 76 % will close the sales and get the product information on their mobile phones; 60 % will use biometric fingerprint payment and 62 % will be gladly assisted by an holographic sales “person”.

So here is the faithful photography of the future consumer in industrialized economies ( USA, France, Germany, China…): sedentary, individualistic and interactive with…Machines!!! The more sedentary the being is, the more control, authority the government will exert! Don’t we say, united we stand, divided we fall!!

The precedent assumption (about the portrait of the customer) will be a truism but as we go into details, the result -a much realistic approach of the consumer- is more refined.

As the Chinese consumer (new comer in the liberal-type consumption) will be favorable to “gadget” like technology such holographic sales assistant (59 %), biometric fingerprint payment (60 %), 28 % of the Americans will focus on smart shopping with freedom and privacy as their driving forces, whereas 21 % of the Germans like the idea of a 3D body scanning versus 12% globally…

To make it short, the presence of different economies on the global market will naturally generate the expression of diverse perceptions, opposite affinities and conflicts of interests. When the “plastic money”, the credit card was introduced in 1951, it raised objections. Nowadays, its omnipotence and its ubiquity in any monetary transactions is incontestable. Who knows what tomorrow will bring…

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