save the park

Schwarzenegger saw red when the president and the co-president of the green “Parks and Recreation Commission” of California respectively Bobby Shriver (his wife’s nephew) and Clint Eastwood (we don’t introduce him anymore) opposed their vetos to the “gargantuesque” project of construction of a six lanes highway crossing the San Onofre Beach Park.

In reaction to their fervent engagement to their cause, the governor simply terminated the activists from their executive powers. It was the second rejection of the governor’s projects by the commission, the first one was the installation of a high tension electric line in the middle of the Anza-Borrego Desert Park.

In the battle to safeguard the natural environment, radical Shriver didn’t say his last word and will protest under the Surfrider Foundation banner in the San Onofre Beach this mid-April.

If we don’t fight to preserve the natural heritage, those natural pockets of oxygen in the Californian landscape soon, developers will simply remodel it in the name of “improving the infrastructures”.

Can someone answer the absurdity of the following reasoning: Why do we promote carpool lanes and carpooling? why do we work for the reduction of the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? And why, if on the other side of the spectrum, are we willing to sacrifice zones decreed “parks”?

save the parkSchwarzenegger, why not start “erasing” Griffith Park, Echo Park for the same reason? There will be a problem though, the thinking majority lives in Los Angeles “proper” and you don’t want to shake their wrath. Suppose it’s just easier to erase remote areas from the Californian map, isn’t it?

Click to find out more about the campaign to save the park, stop the toll road.

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