Branding Value Now Conscious Thoughts Thanksgiving, Yum, Yum…

Thanksgiving, Yum, Yum…

Ahhh…Thanksgiving…Time for the culinary ritual…So many palatable souvenirs…Let’s celebrate abundance, a bountiful harvest (anachronism), let’s joyfully worship queen Turkey and her loyal court of accompaniment conspiring insidiuously to our gustatory and stomach debauch!

As a proof, did you know that in 2006 harvest, we swallowed with delectation 690 million pounds of cranberry; 1,8 billion bushels of wheat transformed in bread or pies made their way through the conducts of our oesophaguses; 1,6 billion pounds of sweet potatoes bathed ecstatically in our digestive bowls; 7,2 billion pounds of turkey that is to say 272 million turkeys were assaulted by our gastric juices, composed of hungry enzymes flirting shamelessly with hydrocholoric acid? Please don’t get an informative digestion! Not yet!!!

Did you know that the average calorie consumption on Thanksgiving day is 5000-6000!!!!! Heartburns??? OOOOhhhh, what a pity!!!! Before you have to say your grace…Give thanks for what you have!!!! Well, now that you’ve been so obedient and well-behaved, let’s appease the walls of your stomach with a smiling note to the feastivity!

Did you know that wild turkeys have heart attacks (don’t worry it won’t happen to you today!!!). that they can see in color, can fly short distances up to 55 miles per hour, that they run 20 miles per hour, spend nights in trees, that Edward VII made them fashionable, that they have 3,500 feathers at maturity which were used to stabilize arrows by the Natives and finally that June is their celebration month (exclusively for turkeys’ lovers!)!

Given that orgy of information, I will personally…INDULGE myself and ENGORGE until I will be as STUFFED as my turkey!


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