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The Accidental Fascist. Design flaw or faux pas?

Who could believe constructing a building in the shape of swastika was an accident? Architects draft blue-prints. And guess what? The client, just like any project in most service industries, must approve those plans. The probability that an architect designing a building in the shape of swastika BY ACCIDENT is very low. But lets suspend belief for a moment and believe that the architect / designer did NOT know what they were doing for a second. Who is accountable?

I seem to think of all the versions of designs that go back and forth between our agency and the client before we finalize our campaigns or designs. It’s not exactly constructing a building, but I can imagine it is somewhat similar in process.

So somewhere in that process, someone MUST HAVE noticed the blueprints for a particular building look somewhat like a swastika. Unless, of course that was the intention. Perhaps the joke was on us, the public who would not have noticed the shape of a building, simply from viewing on the ground, masked by scale and the subtle human inability to comprehend the holistic experience of the mass structure.

That was before Google Earth, that is.

The building in question was constructed in the 70’s, well before Google Earth was a thought. So the joke is on the architect and really on the client that commissioned that building to be constructed in the first place.

But just what kind of client would commission such a thing?

How about the American Government. The US Navy to be exact. The swastika shaped building is in fact a building located at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, just South of San Diego, the largest government subsidized swastika display on Earth.

Hmmmmm…… Surprised?

I’m not.

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1 thought on “The Accidental Fascist. Design flaw or faux pas?”

  1. carmelo Valone says:

    But the swastika used to mean something else in Buddist culture…its a shame what Hitler did to it.

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