To the example of Europe (the 30 glorious in France), of the USA (the post-war era), China is awakening after too many years of sleep. Foreseen in the early eighties by the economists, its ascension will be at a lightning speed. Well augured and considering the extraordinary events that are the global warming and the ineluctable depletion of natural resources, will China learn from its elders’ mistakes Europe and the United-States and be wiser, or will it simply deny those factors in industrializing excessively at whatever human and environmental cost? Without being pessimistic, all data tend to reflect that China opted for the latter.

The Chinese hegemony already spread its wings. Among the collection of items that “cohabits” in our houses, just quantify the ones that have the denomination “made in China” to understand the extent of the economic invasion. From the trifle to the technological device the conquest is complete. Which product doesn’t have the sinological seal? Based upon fallacious or veridical allegations concerning the factor quality of their products, no one will disown nonetheless their supremacy.

When Europe then the U.S. experienced unexpectedly their industrialization and later as a result their economic development, the key words were production that became mass production and productivity. Following the Occidentals’ models, China accelerated frantically its rhythm of industrialization, its production and therefore its productivity. Like its sisters, China has big bulky eyes envisioning big projects for the grandeur of the country, coveting Tibetan natural richness and worldwide natural resources as its predecessors not so long ago, hunting on the African continent.

No more Maoist little red book imposing agrarian reforms privileging 90% of the territory to agriculture. Now Chinese dream of mass consumption, brands, liberalism and soon freedom!

With the industrialization comes mass production (for local or/and international markets!), with mass production mass pollution, with mass pollution to evolve now mass recycling… Not even mass implemented in the Occident yet! And the cherry on the cake, the mass COST of our outrageous irresponsibility!

With the industrialization comes fierce urbanization, with urbanization mass expropriation, mass migration, with mass migration mass occidentalized consumption, with mass occidentalized consumption mass energy production, with mass energy production (construction of gigantic dams destroying the ecosystem, nuclear plants) mass pollution… It’s a vicious circle!

With the industrialization comes the energy dependency that ends up, refer to the USA, England…, to wage wars.

This could perfectly be a plausible scenario however the time given to our planet and to China shortens daily and opposes each others. The global warming and the depletion of the natural resources may shift China’s ambitions. Is it the reason why China who just become the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide is asking? for the richest countries in the world to abandon their unsustainable lifestyle to fight the climate change? In this call, does China acknowledge its pertaining to the decried countries’ circle? “the polluters and the richest” ? If yes, will China, as it proposed, be paying taxes as the detainer of the record of pollution?

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