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the billboard liberation front…of independence!

I seems the BLF (Billboard Liberation Front), street marketing has had enough of America and is relocating overseas. Now the European community is privileged to receive its benefits. Thankfully the BLF does not pledge allegiance to any one country. At least they don’t seem to…

Among 50 countries, Belgium is the chosen one! Is it because they share the same sense of humor? Because they are in the most need? Who knows…

Maybe, if we refer to Vooruit’s last campaign message ” Art for sale!”. In its campaign, Vooruit is offering an international irreverent platform of expression to artists who deny conformity, who reject the rules and codes of the Art world. We think BLF shares the same vision in life. From concerts to conferences, from laic performers to religious reverend Billy, the motto and the tone of the campaign is definitely ecclecticism, quality and fun! We hope BLF shares the same aspirations. Everybody, performers and participants will gather around a common theme, their own relationship with consumerism and express freely how the consumption culture affects them in their daily life! If interested, grab a ticket!

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