Let’s talk about the Brand Platform.? Huh?? Exactly.? I suppose, first and foremost, let’s define the purpose of the Brand Platform.

The purpose of the Brand Platform documentation is to define, clarify and solidify a brand’s position from the “inside – out”.

Now, this is a difficult process. If we were talking about an individual – one of you or me, perhaps – how often do we take the time to look at ourselves from a critical and definitive viewpoint whilst attempting to define ourselves?? What we really say about ourselves through our appearance, statements, thoughts, actions, personality?? The Brand Platform, in essence, is the same thing – just for brands.? The brand is treated as an entity, albeit a collective, and the Brand Platform is used to define those very relevant intangibles. This is an uncomfortable process and the discoveries, even though they must be expressed through words, are often written in order to be expressed through and provoke emotions.

Now, don’t run away quite yet.? Know that the words within the Brand Platform document are solely for the stakeholders of the brand in question.? In other words, the founders, employees, those that must (feel) understand who they are in order to effectively communicate to the rest of the world.? Everyone under the umbrella of the brand is a potential Brand Ambassador. To equip one’s staff with words (descriptions), which evoke emotions, AND to include one’s staff as a stakeholder are the main purposes of the Brand Platform.? It’s providing unity to what very well might be an incongruent stance.? It’s a tone and position for which all those can tangibly latch on to and speak confidently from.

So remember, the Brand Platform, although written from an “inside – out” perspective, will become the foundation, the basis, the window through which the brand will be viewed by those on the outside.? And just like the individual wanting to be viewed as true to one’s self, shouldn’t the view of the brand be that same solidified truth?? It’s the Brand Platform documentation that distills that truth, purifies it, and provides clarity to what is otherwise, a very murky intangible.

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