The Brand’s New Clothes

Tom Fishburne’s latest brand cartoon is a commentary of current trends, cashing in on the “green” trend, I’ve written about in numerous postings here. According to Fisburne’s October 14 blog entry:

“In this rush to reposition everyday brands as environmentally-friendly, there seems to be collective amnesia of the inconsistencies in the story. And by being so vocal (particularly as a johnny-come-lately), these brands are actually quite naked and exposed. It’s only a matter of time before a consumer calls out, “but he has nothing on.”

Since there are no perfectly sustainable businesses, we’re all a bit naked and exposed on this. I think the only way is come across with honesty and humility and an open recognition that it’s about progress, not perfection.”

As conscious marketers, creatives and brand professionals, we need to be careful of the perception “cashing in on a trend”. Always start from the place of authenticity and tell your story from the heart. Ultimately, we need to remember, the consumer is not stupid and will eventually adapt to this trend too, meaning eventually they will be able to discern between hype and truth. The brands with authenticity will be left standing.

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