As we read article after article, we become more sensitized surrounding environmental threats to our planet, examine the realities of animal and human survival, and rationalize the evolution of our species. Whether we speak about the hole in the ozone as a result of? greenhouse gases, global warming, the pollution off the Great Barrier Reef, the disappearance of existing species, there is no doubt, an grandiose ecological shift is banging on our doors.

What’s the latest discovery we find on the agendas of scientists? Methane. It attests positively as being the common denominator for the destruction of our blue planet.

Naturally present on earth, arctic scientists recently expressed their concern about an augmentation of the rate of methane into the atmosphere (20 times more polluting than the carbon dioxide). Actually, according to their findings, there’s a correlation between the increase of the presence of the gas and the rapid subsequent deterioration of the planet.

An important volume of methane is sleeping under what is called the sub-sea layer of the permafrost, a natural protective shield that restricts the gas to escape by bubbling to the surface. Unfortunately as observed, the cap is experiencing a melting allowing the gas to wake up. The awakening of a volcano is the perfect analogy.

Scientists have been measuring the activity of the insidious gas, which were measured on echo sounders and seismic instruments in Russia’s Northern Coast. High concentrations were located, up to 100 times expected background levels!? Millions of tons of methane covered tens of thousands of square kilometers, extremely unusual for this area! It’s existence is more detectable on the seabed making it more difficult to detect. Until now, the Arctic had remained the biggest known storage area for methane, now other areas are tagged “to be watched with care”!

The scientific community is cautiously observing the front-lines of our planet, taking the pulse of its vital organs and revelaing the diagnosis. Seems some of the symptoms are at the point of? irreversibility. As the planet’s vulnerability and weakness are revealed, time to repair Mother Nature becomes more challenging. As human beings what are our options? Far from omnipotent, can we call upon Merlin the Enchanter to save the planet?


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