In the country that celebrated, glorified the sense of humor and creativity, prude and devote eyes decided that Heinz last ad was “inappropriate” for “children”, and censored it.

In reaction to this extremist “feed back” (only 202 people raised their voices, far from representing the majority!), Heinz under pressure cowardly pulled the ad from the British screens. The outrage contaminated the U.S coasts as O’Reilly the anchor of conservatism cried out to the scandal!

So what could offend our thoughtful minds? What did shake year 2008 British consumers? What cannot our seraphic offspring bear? Given that everyday war casualties multiply, natural cataclysms like famines decimate populations, homelessness finds its comfort zone, violence flares up…, what does justify this immature outburst, this new hunt for witches?

An anodyne kiss between two men…WAOW…Big fucking deal (sorry for my English!)! In a time where gay people can marry each other, here is a handful of Salems’ prosecutors crucifying Heinz based on their religious believes and values! The Inquisition is revived! (see for yourself, click here)

What about people who understand humor, must they be punished as well? Where is their inalienable right to appreciate? Must they be muzzled? Must they melt with narrow-mindedness? What is their counter-power to censorship as liberals and free thinkers?

Free spirits, let’s gather and send those retro-graders an ecumenical “Italian” kiss!

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