Guest Post by Meeno Peluce

This [post on the Huffington Post] gives me, finally, a lot more hope.
That make up artist for Palin who’s making so much money, she’s my make up artist. I texted her for a shoot a while back and she wrote back she couldn’t make it because she was in Alaska. Alaska? Palin? “Don’t hate,” she said, “this is refurnishing my entire apartment.”

Earlier this week she wrote again, excited to be back home soon and do some more interesting shooting. I grilled her a bit as to her inside scoop. She really put the spook in me when she said, “But it has been really educating in lots of ways. I have had some brilliant minds at my disposal for picking at…. Honestly, I have no idea. But I think it’s gonna be waaaay closer than anyone thinks.”

And then I got a real taste of how America distrusts a Black Man this weekend at Disneyland. I was trying to engage people in the snow cone line when a big voice behind me said, “I’ll tell you how it works.” I turned to a bear of a man – right out of Song of The South – with beer belly and grizzle chin and equal parts cracker and truly good ol’ boy written on him. He said, “I’ve been hiring people for twenty-five years and if I had those two men’s resumes in front of me, well, it’s a no-brainer.”

“Obama, right?”

“Wrong. McCain,” he grinned. Experience is everything.

And it hit me clear as a bell, he’s got the analogy exactly right, only backwards.

If you had those two resumes before you would you pick the man to whose widow you’d probably be paying a pension to before you got some real use out of him? Would you pick the guy who’s close business associates – the present Administration – have run their outfit – this country – into the ground? Would you pick the ossifying old crank who’s continually contradicting himself – see The Real McCain 2 by Robert Greenwald Would you pick a maverick who can’t even pick his own running mate but instead had one foist upon him by the shrewdest gamers of the Neo-Con agenda?

If you were really hiring, wouldn’t you want the upstart young visionary, summa cum laude Harvard Law School Graduate that got himself there by his own boot straps, the Constitutional Law scholar, the inspiring professor, and the friggin’ United States Senator – how can anyone call a Senator inexperienced? There’s only 100 of these people representing all of us 300 million Americans. It takes some serious experience and credentials to get to the Senate. Getting to the oval office might be easier, for reference see George W. Bush. Wouldn’t you want the man who has ignited a sense of pride in being American again?

So yes, my friend with the pretzel was right, only wrong. Which resume would you choose? Well, when they both walked into the room, of course you go for the white guy, right?

I’m really a bit scared about the [election] outcome. This country has come a long way, but far enough? I HOPE so.

But I am feeling relatively secure because every bookmaker on the planet has the good money on Obama.


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