Sounds like some kind of holy nationalistic curse word… doesn’t it?

So in this latest of developments, in the hottest of presidential campaigning seasons, where all the world has been forcibly updated to who might win the nomination for candidate of the democratic party, a completely unforeseen state of affairs has come about.

The campaigning in the US for this democratic ticket has been discussed and contested with such fervor, in mass media and homes alike, you can hear people developing their opinions as they engage in the conceptual challenge. Ideas and theories try to mature intellectually from the initial, intuitive, and emotional cognitive senses- who is more suited to take our nation out of this black hole? The friendly, hopeful, but possibly naïve black guy, or the shrewish, tenacious, too-much-of-a-man woman?

We seem to believe we need some fresh perspective, new vitality, and a sincere ‘friendliness.’ This seems to be the personification of Obama, and he seems to be in the lead. Clinton- experienced, dedicated, and unremitting, seems to have the strength and rigor of an old sea captain, ready to dismiss pleasantries to tackle our present debacle, and pull this ship out of the storm. Uneducated as this may sound, as a prevailing notion, this is what we’re hearing and seeing pretty consistently.

The debate amongst friends and family, associates and acquaintances, gets heated because it ‘seems’ like whether you’re in one camp or the next, you kinda wish you had both their qualities. I don’t have much faith in the integrity of our governing system anyway: too much seems to be in the hands of big money and the concept of individualism, forgetting or ignoring the fact that community- community is the real security (I know. We got a looong way to go).

I’d have to say that I don’t get involved much when people debate who’s better suited to be president. I’m of the opinion to let the chips fall where they may, because that’s what they do anyway. Funny that the first time I heard about the possible alliance of Barack and Hillary, though it seemed so impossible because of their sharp contrast, sounds…

kinda cool.

President and vice president of the United States: a black guy and a lady, respectively.

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“everything rules, doesn’t it barry?”

“you know it does hilly!”

One thought on “The Obama-Clinton ticket.”

  1. Yeah i think with each passing day this ticket becomes less and less likely. Especially after Clinton’s apparent inability to concede defeat at her speech.

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