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In yesterday’s news, President Bush made a special appearance on the hit game show, “Deal or No Deal.” Rolling a pre-taped message to wish good luck to a US Iraq veteran, Bush pushes a joke to Howie Mandell, the show’s host, ” Howie, I don’t know if you’re free to come to Washington anytime soon but I have to reach an agreement with Congress on the federal budget. How’d you like to host a $3 trillion dollar ‘Deal or No Deal.”

Out of the ordinary to say the least of any US president, such a gesture could almost seem rather cute of our big dumb president. Supposing that the issue of our national economy really isn’t something to take too seriously… (Well not all the time!)

Such a moot topic of discussion should always be open to a wise crack, as any great challenge; a cavalier, playful attitude can be inspiring from a great leader.

But as always, the funny look on the president’s face makes one wonder if he really has any idea what earth is, or if he, like all sentient beings, make a true impression on this… ‘earth.’

From the compiled ironies of President Bush’s appearance on the show, there’s this constant sense something rather large is amiss. Our ruined and misled paradigm of economics, based strongly in privatized war-like, war-mongering, unsustainable, brutally psychological campaigning in any stratum from advertising to news communication, ours is a nation where our figure head stands on the shoulders of our diverted ambitions for ‘equality.’
For peace.
No one wants to be equal, we want to be better. When or how did we forget that? From the idea of showing up on a game show to be a millionaire, to driving trucks into other nations filled with arms, and empty fuel tanks. Welcome the soldiers back home to join in the game that they protect with their blood, and has all our hearts ensnared. We don’t play to give freedom, we slave to maintain our bondage to madness, as a just-below-average viewership half watched, half ignored the pre-taped reality of TV while Sadr City explodes with its denizens caught, along with all the other more important things going on unnoticed by the American peoples, leaders of the free and delusional woerld.

“Come to think of it, I’m thrilled to be anywhere with high ratings these days,” he quipped.

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