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The softer side of football

Oh, the Super Bowl. On this blessed Sunday, besides the game, we will be watching the best advertising can serve up. According to, some marketers will be paying as much as $3 million for their 30-second commercials during the Super Bowl.

These commercials, notorious for at times being quite sleazy, are supposed to take a different angle this year. The New York Times reports advertisers are promising this year commercials will be “gentle” selling warmer and fuzzier messages than usual. So how will they fare with the Super Bowl crowd? In an article at, Devika Bulchandani says Super Bowl advertising is “less about the relevance of a message but more about the entertainment quotient” and marketers “aren’t selling a product; they are creating brand buzz”. So can sweet commercials also be entertaining and memorable? People expect the commercials to be as entertaining as the game itself, so much so there is a website devoted to all things related to Super Bowl commercials. So hopefully, this Sunday, against the back drop of players bashing each other, being nice and sweet won’t disappoint.

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