In a maneuver worthy of grand strategist, State Farm (car insurer) deployed its marketing armada on the Californian battlefield. From San Francisco to San Diego, “car spas”, giant bubble baths nesting sedans invade methodically Californian bastions. Billboards praising acupuncture, yoga, aromatherapy rise pouring the local populations their strategic propaganda. As passers-by are attracted by the designs, by the free massage packaging as bees are with honey, the trap falls, the ambush is set as State Farm representatives invite you to relax by dropping the bomb in confiding you, their automotive policies…

If it is State Farm philosophy of relaxation, I’m sorry it doesn’t correspond to mine. If you solicit my adherence to your ideas, views, at least I need peace of mind while you are providing me a beneficial service, the free massage. If any information on your auto coverage are required your website is articulate enough for me!

In concert we will agree, the main concern for us drivers and future car owners is the price of auto insurance and its level of coverage. So drivers let’s not be dragged by the first gadget or artifact to catch our attention, let’s pick our insurance smartly, play with transparency and competition and buckle up!

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