Handwriting USA, an Orange County based company has come up with the idea to stamp people’s hands with advertisements. The idea stems from the fact that many entertainment venues stamp the hands of their customers upon entry. Instead of “wasting” this space with any image, Handvertising proposes doing something like this:

An advertisement on your hand is certainly a new and thought-provoking idea, but is it a good thing? According to the press release, a huge incentive for the public to get a handstamp is that venues might offer discounts for having a particular stamp. Are we sacrificing the sanctity of our hands by letting advertisers use it as advertising space? But maybe people will just see this as the equivalent of wearing a t-shirt with their favorite band on it. Makes me wonder if people will get the stamp just to save a buck.

I also wonder if a handstamp is even visible enough. And in the case of Coca-Cola, wouldn’t carrying a cup of the actual drink be more effective than having a handstamp anyway?

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