Social media marketing is “in vogue” as “the” medium to communicate companies’ core messages and values.

As any influential brand-named companies, the UN under the authority of Ban Ki-moon (former diplomat) jumped in the band wagon by asking Rajiv Dingra, founder and executive of WATConsult to implement their Millennium Campaign which audacious ambition is to eradicate poverty from the surface of the planet by 2015. The platform of execution of the project will principally be concentrated in South Asia. On that special subject, is there a correlation between the nationality of the Secretary-General and the delegation of the execution of the work to companies in South Asia? As Kofi Annan privileged Africa, will Ban Ki-moon give the advantage to the southeast region uniquely?

The objective of this new approach of online grand scale campaign is to develop the awareness to the cause. The target, all the stars of social networking that I won’t quote (enough of advertising them!). The core audience, the youngsters and the bloggers (who will be rewarded for their nice participation). Tell me that I’m not dreaming… What is this circus, all about? To shake our empty brains and full stomachs? Through video sharing??? To put guilt in our conscious whereas at the end of the day, erverything will be forgotten…

So far famines, poverty are not a new worldwide phenomenon!, are they? Did I miss something here?

Rajiv Dingra in his naive attempt to rally good souls to a good cause forgets that punctual actions are as ephemeral as their impact. He proudly trumpets that he gathered ALREADY 13.000 people and expects a million by October. Is it what this campaign aims at?

What about investing directly on viable solutions instead of wasting money for awareness? What about concentrating the capital and the human actions directly to those pockets of poverty? Why not eliminating their debts radically? Why not pairing with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund for appliable solutions? Don’t they dispose of financial powers? What about investing on the long term?…

What are the UN doing? Only gratify us of another day to celebrate or remember: October 17, the Anti Poverty Day! What an accomplishment! Hurry up, the deadline is in 7 years…

So much to do, so little time!

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