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the wrong agency? 4 signs to look for

Susan Applegate, president of the Applegate Media Group and a contributer at iMedia Connection posted an article on October 1, 2007 called:

4 signs you’re choosing the wrong agency

Don’t waste another minute in a mismatched client-agency relationship.

Applegate Media Group’s CEO explains the most common traps to avoid.

Whether a search firm or corporate marketing executive, anyone charged with finding and selecting an agency needs to understand four simple yet key items in order to make better, more informed decisions when selecting an agency. And for agency executives, these simple rules should also apply to agreeing to work with a given client. All clients are not right for all agencies.

Here are bullet points of the warning signs that you are engaged with the wrong agency:

• Agency is too big for your budget
• Agency keeps switching account execs and other personnel on your project
• Agency was selected because the account rep was your drinking pal in college. (obvious issues there)
• Agency is driven by the emotional impact versus the logic of the campaign, neglecting the big picture, being driven by the “wow” factor.

The full article can be found here.

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