A giant step was made, when in February 2006, Jeff Han revolutionized the world of digital technology by introducing to the public its high-resolution multi-touch computer screen.

Without polemicizing on the fatherhood of the multi-touch technology, Apple or Perceptive Pixel ( Han’s company), his computer is undoubtfully the big brother of the iphone and of the new Microsoft “Surface”.

To reassure you (on its good intentions), it has barbaric only its name and will be accessible to anyone with ten healthy fingers. No need to be a computer expert or to digest against your will, x volumes of “computers for dummies” references. The technology is based upon multi-touch sensors that are pressure sensitive.

In Han’s demo, on a 36″x 27″ drafting table, the physical interaction with the virtual world is made possible. Thanks to its unprecedented resolution and scalability, the field of your possibles seems suddenly extended and unlimited. Everyone’s dream when interacting with a computer -no more interface, no more reluctant or uncontrolled mouse- becomes true.

In a savvy dance, your fingers evolve on the smooth surface of the screen, making you aware of its infinite functions and its multiple options. Its choices keep the user flabbergasted.

As your fingers slide, they draw, animate, type, separate, mix, organize, zoom in and out, deconstruct, restructure, flick photographs, videos… Naturally they manipulate and challenge the 3-D world with dexterity, they rotate an object, an image at 360 degrees defying gravity, they travel through virtual maps ( nothing comparable with flat “google earth”. Buildings emerge before you, as your eyes plunge and dolly around the blocks, not an inch of details is ignored! A marvel of technology!

When interrogated about his current customers, Jeff Han without hesitation emphasizes an high-end demand. The CIA, the Defense are on the top of his select list! According to him, the huge amount of data and photographs (taken by satellites around the world) will be managed through this probable simulation tool. The precision in the detail is such that I guess any military corpse will reach its target.

From a simple observation, the pads of his fingers on a glass of water, Hen’s creativity in moving around pixels and interacting with them, originated a new state-of-the-art computer.

Hen concretized a concept, Microsoft made it affordable with its new product ” Surface”. Check it!

2 thoughts on “the “zero force” typing marvel”

  1. Oy – do some research! Han popularized technology that has been around for more than 20 years. High resolution? Runs at 1024 x 768 on a large-ish table. My, my, my.

  2. Thank you for your information but I did not do Han’s biography, I just wanted to pinpoint his input in the release of the new product “surface” from Microsoft. As you rightly said “Han popularized” the technology, that was my main concern. I’m not putting in doubt your knowledge…so far nothing I wrote was wrong. What was new in 2006 becomes obsolete in 2008, I understand… I’m not a technology writer…And I invite you to post links…Thanks…

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