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think again: subliminal advertising

The ability to embed messages into people’s minds without their knowledge would be an extremely powerful talent if you worked in advertising.

Theoretically, subliminal advertising works to achieve that exact goal. It sounds a lot like magic or hypnotism, because it attempts to influence our actions through subconscious thoughts. The result being that we might actually have hundreds of preconceived notions we aren’t aware of, especially pertaining to products or services and how they will satisfy our desires or emotions.

But are there really different levels of awareness? And are there behavioral consequences to all of them? Every day, we are faced with tons of external stimuli, and we have to wonder what our brain does with it all, don’t we?

Well, a video on YouTube provides some convincing evidence that we do actually unconsciously process information, which means subliminal advertising might just work. Take a gander!

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