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Think with Your Feet, Not Your Hands

Every so often in life we bump into things that make us feel stupid for not thinking of them first. A perfect example, besides Pet Rock and bottled tap water of course, is Foot Pedal Faucet controllers, as opposed to hand controllers. By controlling water stream by the foot-operated pedals, bacteria and germs routinely spread by hands are largely eliminated. The best part, however, is the amount of water saved, sometimes up to 50%.

foot pedal

So far, most of the places that utilize foot pedals are commercial kitchens or hospitals, or those old elementary school restrooms with the round basins we all remember from movies where the new kid gets bullied by the big girl with freckles and abnormally large biceps. Or maybe that’s just me.
But the point is, the routine water waste that this product eliminates makes it a smart way to green your kitchen, as agreed by
The only drawback is that many models require a power connection, usually connected to the dishwasher outlet. Most likely, the amount of power used is more than offset by the water saved, not to mention the sanitation plusses. So, I suppose the only problem left is that listening to toe-tapping tunes during kitchen duties could result in some inconsistently-rinsed dishes. Oh well, at least the product can now be enjoyed without risking the elementary school bully.

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