Top 3 Tips on How to Use WOM Marketing for my Personal Brand

What is common to Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Martin Sorrell and Jack Sorrell apart from their exceptional entrepreneurial capabilities? They all had an excellent Word-of-mouth (WOM) personal branding mechanism in place. Here are top three tips on how to use WOM Marketing for my personal brand.

Involve Your Customers

Social media is the best way to reach thousands and eventually, millions of people around the world. Remember that WOM is considered to be the most reliable form of marketing because it relies solely on real-life customers’ reviews of the business. Hence, try to maximize customer involvement in your WOM personal branding campaign. For example, you could set up social media accounts for yourself, linked to your business’ social media pages. You could also plan contests where participants answer questions that lead them to believe that they are interacting directly with you.

Do Not Forget Offline Personal Branding

In the light of omnipresence of the Internet, entrepreneurs often forget that there is a parallel world of print media, radio and television. Even if your vocation is strictly limited to the Internet, consider placing real-life testimonies in advertisements, arranging for interviews and basically any media coverage that looks objective and markets you as a positive entity.

Factor in WOM’s Echo Effect

Lastly, you need to consider what marketing gurus often refer to as WOM’s “echo effect”. Simply put, it means that while the initial impact of a WOM campaign is huge, it tends to ebb away. When you devise a WOM personal branding strategy, you will have to consider this impact gradient. Public memory is short-lived and it must be periodically revived by recurrences of your personal branding campaign.

In addition to following these three tips on how to use WOM Marketing for my personal brand, be prepared in case your campaign backfires. For example when a disgruntled customer uses your fan page to vent his dissatisfaction of your product. Businesses tend to drift away from Word-of-mouth marketing to viral marketing as their business and consequently, their marketing budget grows. However, personal branding is best left to WOM at all times because of its reliability in the public eye.

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