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Top 5 Steps to Define Your Brand’s Message

Defining Your Brand- What’s More Important?

Although there are numerous steps a business can take to define their brand’s message, taking these 5 steps to define your brand’s message will make the process efficient and effective. Many businesses neglect clearly defining the message they wish their brand to convey. This is a vital aspect of launching any successful business. This is especially critical before launching across multiple marketing channels, online and off.

Number ONE:

Identify the primary problem you solve for your customers or clients. If you do not know the answer to this, neither will they. People should not have to guess what your message is. Here is a helpful hint – they won’t! You brand’s message must make potential customers feel you are the best, if not the only, company or individual who can solve their problem or meet their need or desire.

Number TWO:

Why is your business, product or service unique, different or dynamic? Avoid a branding message that is tired or overused like so many cliches. Originality is not an option here. To make a point, let just say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Be unique and increase your chances of success, or be common and become a statistic. According to the SBA, eight out of ten businesses fail within the first three years. It would be interesting to know how many of those that failed did not clearly identify their brand’s message.

Number THREE:

Identify your target market. In fact, take it a step farther and also identify your ideal client. How can a business expect to attract customers, if they do not know who those customers are, where they live, their income level, gender, hobbies and other clarifying traits. What is important to them? Customers are truly interested in “what’s in it for them.”

Number FOUR:

What will be the emotional encounter when potential customers cross paths with your brand? How do you want them to feel as a result of being exposed to your brand via products, services, customer service, follow-up marketing and relationship building? You are doing these things – right? If you are not, the rest really does not matter. This emotion should be conveyed in everything from how employees or individuals dress and answer phones, to marketing materials, in tweets and post, on websites, business cards and advertising – everything.

Number FIVE:

The 5Ws sum up the other four. Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you do? What can customers consistently expect from you? Where are you taking them? People want to follow and be a part of something that is innovative, positive, exciting and adds some spice to life. They want to go on a journey. They want new experiences. How will your company give it to them? Make sure your brand’s message lets them know clearly what your 5Ws mean for them. How will it make their life happier, better, easier and more meaningful. What can they become, do, achieve?

Your Brand is Your Business

Your brand embodies more than just a recognizable logo. It encompasses your image and your message. A company’s culture is both defined by its brand, and it defines its brand. It is like a promise or an agreement with your customers. It should be something they can count on time and time again. Applying these 5 steps to define your brand’s message will set you apart and above the crowd.

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