Personal Branding


Branding is one of the most important tactics for entrepreneurs who wish to gain a large market share. The better the brand the greater the number of customers it will attract. Entrepreneurs must therefore be very vigilant on their brands to enable them stay on top of the race.

Below are some of the top 6 personal branding tips for the serial entrepreneur.

1. Personal branding must reflect the image of the business

This means that your personal branding should reflect who you are and the products you are dealing in. This strategy will not only give your brand a personality, but also will play an important role on what business you are attracting. Through a good personal branding, you can make customers leave out other brands in the market and select yours since they will believe it can provide solution to their problems.

2. You must have a marketing plan for your personal brand

A marketing plan is very important when you want to successfully launch a personal brand. Through a good marketing plan, you can achieve both the business long term and short term goals. How you plan to achieve these should at least give some credibility to your brand

3. Discover the weak areas of your business

Knowing your areas of weaknesses can greatly help you in establishing a perfect business brand. As an entrepreneur you need to come up with a strategy on how to convert your business weakness to strengths through the use of these brands. In this way you can be certain to stay on top with other businesses

4. Use promotion

Promotion is a perfect way of establishing your personal brand. It involves putting your academic and industry experience plus other related information in your website. This will not only increase your level of credibility, but also brand you as an expert and an experienced professional in that field or the related product. Promotion can increase the value of your personal brand hence expanding your business.

5. Networking and sponsoring social courses

Taking active role in sponsoring and promoting social responsibility is a great way to get your brand a firm market foundation. It reveals that you have and will develop positive associations within and outside your industry. This strategy is very powerful and can earn you a great market. A good example is when you use your brand to sponsor certain community based project like free treatments, free water based projects etc, a whole community may be taken to believe that your product brand is so good and powerful.

6. Consistency

Consistency is very important in creating a personal brand. In case you are using an image to brand your product, then you must be consistent to avoid confusing customers. Consistency is very important and will make customers develop confidence in your products and services. You must therefore ensure that once you create a brand, be sure to use  everywhere.

With the above tips, you can be sure to create a powerful brand that will make you emerge top in the market hence competing effectively with your competitors.

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