un cafe, por favor!

Morales, Chavez, Castro declared war to the US imperialism.

Another name, now symbolizes “la lucha” (the fight in Spanish) in South America, Valdez. Far from representing a government, he does nonetheless speaks in the name of his people, the cafeteros (coffee farmers) in Colombia.

If it doesn’t ring your bell, let me give you the first note of the song, or the first taste.

In August, Starbucks intends to open a store in Colombia. Nothing unusual so far, if Colombia wasn’t the country of the greatest Arabica. So here is the standardized, the multinationalized coffee attempting to break through the production market. For the coffee confederation, what an insult it must be!

juan valdez
Juan Valdez is a cafe chain controlled by the Colombian coffee federation composed of cafeteros exclusively. The coffee they produce obeys to the “fair trade” regulations, guaranteeing the consumer gets a cheap price. Every gain goes directly to the producer and the community (improving infrastructures, building schools…).

In their campaign, Juan Valdez spotlights their best asset in the competitive game, the quality and the freshness of their grains.

For the aficionados, the choice is already made! What about the younger generations, will they bite “drink” the idea of coffee mocha, coffee vanilla, caramel…? Everything but pure coffee!

Colombian coffee has its identity, its value. It’s part of the latine culture! It’s a brand!

So let’s praise quality and let’s hope that “un cafe, por favor” (a coffee, please) will always be part of “latine at heart” people, daily vocabulary…

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