United Fruits of America!

Fruits are battling for recognition on the American soil. Through an impressive battery of TV spots and billboards, the agro-industry, the medical corpse, the government urge the American Public to consume the healthy ailments.

“Five portions of fruits and vegetables a day” is the leitmotiv for whom wants to be healthy. “Five portions of fruits and vegetables a day” is according the marketers’ voices better for our diet! Better for the fresh or the processed produce industry?? For the industry,? the allegation is not arguable? since it increased the volume of the sales of the agro-business.

Figures show that among? regular fruits such as apples, grapes, oranges, the consumption of fresh fruits augmented very slightly since 1986. Per capita, in 2008 apples represent 17.9 pounds, grapes 9.4 and oranges total a timid 10.9 pounds. Nothing that could reflect or assert a consequent consumption, an improvement of the nutritional behavior!

Maybe my understanding of the definition of fresh fruits is erroneous! By fruits consumption do they exclusively include processed fruits? As I study the U.S. consumption report, ciphers are staggering and tend to valid my theory!? For 2008, processed apples registered 39.7 pounds, grapes and oranges respectively reached 72.8 and 79.7 pounds. To summarize, the consumption of fresh fruits gained ONE POUND in 28 years whereas processed fruits boomed attaining 192.2 pounds. In their jargon, fruit consumption clearly means processed fruits!

The disparity between the consumption of fruits and vegetables is enormous. The consumption of vegetables barely reached? an average of 3? pounds. Every green (broccoli, cauliflower, peas…) experiences a slight (not new)? one pound of positive inflexion. In the American mind, vegetables are definitely not associated to greens. The only exceptions remain the head of lettuce and the tomatoes, faithful accompaniments? to the unalterable “sandwich”!

By vegetables American fantasize on potatoes, with a predilection, once again, for processed ones. As fresh potatoes fight to reach the 50 pounds bar, the “processed” ones flaunt a consumption of 143.8 pounds!

When the media refers to the increase of the American consumption of fruits and vegetables, they apparently keep under silence the prevalence of the processed fruits and vegetables consumption which? amounts for 405 pounds? versus 208.1 for fresh produce.

Facing those facts,? I can’t help but wondering,? since they consume preferably processed fruits and vegetables, doesn’t it spoil the data on their daily nutritive supply? Does the over consumption of processed? produce over? fresh correspond to a cultural behavior or is it the result of a fast pace lifestyle where everything is prepackaged and easy to use?

It is taken for granted now, that processed produce are plunged in ascorbic acid, treated with vitamins and minerals (NatureSeal), covered with bacteria to keep their freshness! Here are the elaboration of chemical processes that will guarantee the freshness to? produce that we don’t want in their natural original state! The world upside down!

Few months ago, ready-to-use lettuces were the fertile ground for food-poisoning outbreaks and their packages were denounced to be the vector of 6 % of food poisoning.

Nowadays doctors debate on the nuritive values of such produce! From cutting to storing fruits nutrients get lost in the process as well as their rate? of vitamin C. Contrary to the common thinking? fruits are mainly constituted? of sugar, water, vitamins, and not as many nutrients as we thought!

With the mass production came the introduction of chemicals affecting the quality of produce, accusing consequently a deficiency in their nutritive values.

The demistification? has come 😕 dieticians in concert agree upon the wrong ideas proliferating? on packaged, commercialized “superfood” produce. As for the antioxidants, their efficiency? only? operates for? an hour in the body. The detoxifying chlorophill in the popular wheatgrass is no exception since the chlorophyll isn’t absorbable by our bodies…

Our perception of fruit juices, smoothies is idealized.? Who would have guessed that? liquidized fruits bring more sugar and calories as their natural state?

The choice between fresh and processed depends on our knowledge. The more you know, the more you go back to Nature. Unfortunately, health has its cost, its name? : organic!

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